Every birthday that you celebrate is a big milestone and should be celebrated with family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good party, am I right! That being said, living for half a century is a big deal and it should be celebrated,whether it be big or small, a celebration is always a must. For those guests who will be attending a 50th birthday party and need to get a gift, you can browse this hand selected list of gift ideas that are specific to those who are turning 50. Typical gifts for this specific age are usually gag gifts, like a cane or a walker so you can get up and over that big hill. As fun as those gifts are and will make the birthday goer laugh, we also have some more thoughtful gifts to get as well, if you want to go that route.

It is a lot more common for people to throw themed parties for their 50th birthday, as it allows everyone to have more fun and do something different than a traditional birthday party. Who doesn’t love a good dress up party where you can pretend to be whomever you want for the night. It allows guests to get more involved in the party, which typically means they will have more fun. Themed parties also make party planning easier. The said theme will then determine the decor, your outfit selection, event location, and sometimes even the food and drink choices. We have seen some really interesting themed birthday parties. For some inspiration check out Shutterfly, they have put together a great list of possible 50th birthday theme ideas. If none of those spark your interest, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and come up with an interesting party theme your guests will love and think that it is so unique.

Just remember folks, your age is just a number. You can feel as old or as young as you want. Enjoy every minute of it.